We are an Anglo-Uruguayan wife and wife team, making lovely things out of wood!

Rochi, our chief carpenter is a Uruguayan who has been in Spain for over 10 years, first in Mallorca, and now in Barcelona. She discovered her love for all things wooden fairly recently, but in it, she has really found her true passion…

Kat is our marketer, social media co-ordinator, and master of all the non-woody bits! She has been in Barcelona for over 5 years now and has worked in Marketing for most of those.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget to mention our two dogs, Uff Johnson-Comunale (the snickers coloured one) and Ronnie Grumpy-Greedy-Sneezy-Sneaky Barker (the black Cocker Spaniel who looks as though he is planning something…)